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Listology: 9 Cool iPhone cases

March 8, 2010 3 comments

Numbers of iPhone cases have been relesed in a variety of shape, styles and colours since the iPhone comes in the market. iPhone case is the best way to protect your iPhone from any wear and tear. Here is the collection of cool iPhone cases . Enjoy !

Chocolate iPhone Case

Do you love chocolate and your iPhone, then this is the chocolate bar for your iPhone that protects your iPhone from any damage. This case is similar to those chocolate bars, you find in the market.

T-shirt iPhone Case

This case in the form of fashionable T-shirt that can protect your phone from any wear and tear in a fashionable way and reflects your iPhone COOL!!!!

Cassette iPhone Case

This is a limited edition iPhone case in the form of mixtape. Did you remember mixtapes ? Your iPhone is pretty much become like a mixtape anyway.

Halloween iPhone Case

Let’s pimp your iPhone in the sprit of the Halloween and enjoy the holiday fun wherever you are . Isn’t it dangerous ? Try this and have fun.

Tyres iPhone Case

VROOM !!!!!!! This iPhone case that transforms the back of your device into the rubberized tire treads and this case does for shock absorption since it’s made of real rubber.

Gaming Console iPhone Case

Gamers won’t pass this one. This case turns your iPhone into gaming console in which you can play any game, have it and play it.

Bacon iPhone Case

If you are a discerning eater then you know: everything’s better with bacon. The bacon iPhone case in different shapes and sizes.

Diamond iPhone Case

Got too much money and don’t know where to spend, well this is the one for which you have to spend money on this real diamond encrusted case for your iPhone.

Wooden iPhone Case

This is a unique and cool wooden case for iPhone made from one piece of the finest wood. This case is not cheap, it’s cost 120 euros.

Try these cases and give your iPhone a new look

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