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Reasons: Why Any Business Should Use Twitter

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Now a days companies in the world started using twitter for promoting the business and connecting with the customers for becoming a brand. If a company is not using the twitter then it is difficult for the company to make his presence in the market.

As twitter says “Every day millions of people use the Twitter for discovering new friends and share ideas with them. Now people are using the Twitter for making the reach of the business among the consumers. From small business to a large company is using the Twitter because of finding the people and make connection with them”

Twitter is useful for business because of the popularity of the Social Media in the today’s world.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. Making Connection

This is the main reason for using the twitter for the business. By twitter you will be able to connect with the large number of customers because already millions of them is using the twitter. For many of the people twitter becomes a daily routine on which they are log onto it. You have easily to find the unsatisfied customer on the twitter and you are able to help them.

2. Customers Response

Twitter helps in getting the response and feedback from the customers because now you are connected with them. You come to know about how to improve the product and services of the business. Listening and satisfying them will help in the future.

3. Brand

As you don’t have a brand name like Addidas, KFC, and Puma, for which you have to brand yourself on twitter because nobody wants to talk to a company logo until and unless it is a famous brand. This time twitter helps in making the company as a brand in front of the consumers.

4. News

By twitter you are able to get the news and updates about your company and product by the services present in the twitter.

5. Marketing

It is one of the important tool in the twitter is you are able to market product and services of your business to the large number of people. This is also a best part because it is absolutely free unless if you hire someone for running your twitter account.

6. Promotion

In twitter you should also tweet about the promotional activities by which your company gets extra boost and income because everyone is interested in getting the good deal. This promotional launch is absolutely FREE on the twitter. If you have a shoe business and you want a more customers, you can send tweet like “Special 40% discount on the casual shoes till this weekend”. This helps in increasing the tweets about the inquiry of the shoes.
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7. Eye on competition

You can also eye on a competition too. The best part is you can eye on the customers by using the FREE twitter search service. You easily come to know that what the customers are talking about your company and other companies which are in the competition. You can easily spy on the plans and strategies of the competitors.

8. Sales Increase

Twitter helps you in increasing the sale of your product and makes Profit. Many of the companies have increased their sales by using the twitter whether it is a large or a small company.

9. Loyalty

At the time when you help your customers or followers on twitter, they becomes loyal towards your company and brand for a long time period.